The Quiet Little Furniture Company


Swede quietly bench makes limited-quantity
Franco-Swedish furniture pieces by hand in Soft Grandeur style. We are small. Small is good. The very highest-skilled people lovingly make our furniture piece by piece. You just can’t get better craftsmen than we have working for us. For that we are the luckiest Quiet Little Furniture Company.

Our mission is to:

  • Lovingly construct beautiful items for your interior by the highest standards;
  • Make products that are inheritable for following generations; and
  • Not only put furniture employees back to work, but to keep them working.

Built of American species hardwoods, our Euro Collection takes inspiration from special one of a kind Swedish, French, and Northern European antiques. Our mission is to bring back to life these classical and loved pieces. We may find a Swedish table from the 1790s and bring the original creator’s masterpiece back to life for the way we live today. We do resize or proportion antique styles to fit today’s home sizes. We take each special treasure made by hand in cabinet shops hundreds of years ago and recreate them so more people have access to acquire them. Creating enduring furniture that is elegant, inheritable, lasting and timeless is a life-long passion that became a reality via Swede.

We make tables, chairs and some case pieces. On our console tables, we offer American quarried stones of marble or granite from South Dakota, Pennsylvania, Minnesota and other states. You may also choose imported stone tops for some pieces.

Colleen Stratton Martin
Colleen Stratton Martin
Founder & Creative Director of Product Development

We sell to the hospitality, commercial architecture and residential markets. We are primarily a wholesaler but do have some retail products.

Talk to us about what we’ve just finished or preorder what we’re making next. Looking for a special piece nobody else has? Look to Swede.

Swede – Bringing back Franco-Swedish beauty to treasure for many generations.

Simply eloquent!